Sunday, October 28, 2012


Halloween is just around the corner you crazy people!!! My favorite holiday of all. BUT, I bet ya'll are wanting to know what's been going on here in Kansas. Well, not much really. I have been helping out quite a few people and have been recommending my blog to them. I don't know what else to to. I'd like for my few followers and those few of you who are out there that actually read this, to please please please email me with a trouble. I will then dedicate the next post to that problem. My problems are being solved, so why not begin to help others with theirs? Email me at with the subject BLOG and i'll do a segment on your said trouble. Until next time loves, look up at that beautiful fall sky, sigh, and take it one simple step at a time....just watch out for those black cats and pumpkins ;)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What to do?

I've been in Kansas so long. Well, three months. It feels like I have been here forever. But the sad thing is, I cry all the time. I miss all my friends. I miss everybody. I cry, I feel numb, and I just am flat out confused. Of course I do what I tell ya'll to do. It works, truely. Well, I love you people. Just remember to look up at the sky, sigh, and take in one step at a time...someday you'll make it to the top of that hill....someday.....

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Back and Counting.....

So the bike got two awards in the cities. The trash can an peoples choice. WOOTS! New York City was fun, it really was. I loved it! Now i'm counting down the days until I move in with my mom. AHHHHH! I cannot wait! I am looking up at the sky, sighing, and willing the rain clouds to go away and let my day be sunny!........

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Twin Cities to New York

Howdy ya'll!!!!!!!! I will be heading up to the twin cities soon for the Donnie Smith Chopper Challenge. I will be going there with the rest of my schools chopper club. WISH US LUCK! Then, after that (almost right away) I head off to New York City with the rest of my High School Band. WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! We will get to go sightseeing and play a bunch. Cannot wait! Wish the band luck too!!!!!!!!!!!! TTFN BLOGGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!