Monday, June 27, 2011


Okay, sorry I haven't blogged for awhile, but the thing is, I have been so busy with the horses here at my grandmas that I have had barley any time to talk to anyone, let alone get on the computer. What do I do with the horses? Talk to them, brush them, and when they aren't around, do the same thing with the cows. Yeah, my grandma not only has 4 horses and one mule, but three cows. All male. Sylvester is the biggest (black and white), Pepper is medium size (brown), and little Barney is the smallest (black and white). Barney doesn't have his horns yet, but you can feel them coming in! He was also born with this thing where when he drinks his Calf Milk Re placer (or anything else he drinks) it comes out of his nose. It is kind of funny, but I feel so bad for the Lil fella. There is also a kitten here that I named Poof because she is just a poof of fur. She is brown but looks red in certain light. She is so cute! I will get pictures up soon if I can get my camera working! Also when I'm not outside with all those crazy animals, I am inside with two cats and two dogs. The cats names are Pearl (white and grey Siamese with BLUE eyes) and Spotty (tortie). The dogs are Sassy (not sure) and Minnie (blue healer). They are all crazy creatures!
Well that's all for now, I leave you with the horses name and description. Don't forget to look up when things are getting bad, but here all I have to do is run out to the barn and sigh to the horses. LOL!........

Horses names:
Taz -Stallion/Light Brown/Light brown and white mane/Light brown tail
Miracle- Mare/Brown/Black mane and tail
Chrystal- Mare/ White and grey dapple/Grey mane and tail (JR's mom)(Female leader of herd)
JR- Stallion/Brown and black/Dark brown mane and tail (almost black) (Chrystal's son)

Shadow- Male/Multicolored (brown, black, white, tan)/Black mane/Black and white tail (Male leader of herd)


  1. Hi! I'm a new follower! That's cool that your grandma has a farm!! I love animals too! I absolutly love cows! LoL...We lived in Florida, never really saw a cow, up close! We move to Missouri, they're all over the place! Have fun on the farm!!

  2. Winds of Change~Yay! Another follower Lol. Yeah, I like to come at least once every summer. I will post pictures of Sylvester, Pepper, and Barney soon Okay? I will have fun. Thanks for following!