Sunday, May 15, 2011

Think about it........

Here is something I wrote. I wrote this shortly after I started my blog, which used to be two brothers to many, but I changed it, because of this. I didn't think I loved my brothers, but then somebody got me really mad and I wrote this. I know some people can relate to it, others may not, but if you do, then you understand. You just understand..... Well, here it is:

All I have to say is this. You talk bad about my brothers or make fun of them then you are just doing the same to me. I cannot believe some of you people thinking that you can say whatever you want behind someones back and think that you can get away with it. Just take five minutes and pull your head from out of that make believe world that you live in. Just because you rule there, doesn't mean that you rule in reality. And in those five minutes, put yourself into the shoes of the person that you are making fun of. How do you think they feel. Hm? Think about it.

Just think about it.....

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