Friday, May 13, 2011

Sneak Peek........

Here is a sneak peek of my new book, Ophelia and Michael......

          Darkness surrounds me. At first I am scared, but then the scene begins to lay itself out for me to see. What I am standing on is a long narrow dirt road in the middle of the woods. Trees surround me, only leaving the path of the road clear. I hear the rustle of leaves and sigh. I know this place. I may have never ever been here in real life but I am here in every one of my dreams. I walk over to a willow tree and sit at its wide base.
         I feel as safe as if I am in my mothers’ arms, the willow branches serving as her arms, the base of the trunk her front side holding me close. I close my eyes, listening to the soft whisper of the wind as it tells stories and secrets to all that would listen. The blades of grass swaying in the wind as if they are laughing at something that the wind whispered or swaying in closer to hear a small little secret. Maybe even a story or two that is being told silently. Even the trees seemed to sway closer to each other, telling secrets and stories, only bothered by the wind intruding on their conversation.
          Then a twig breaking ruins everything and my eyes shoot open. The twig snapped so close to me that it had made me jump. Then the forest seemed to go quiet, even the wind stopped telling secrets and stories to listen. I smile at whoever just startled me because it is my father. He just smiles back and starts to walk towards me. He stops about half way and says,
    " Ophelia, please help me. Help us. You must help us." I am startled at first but then find my voice and ask,
   "Why father? Help who? Who is us?" He starts to answer but then a sword point comes out of his chest. Scarlett blood starts dripping from the wound. He falls forward and I see his killer. The dark eyes pierce me as if he can see right through me.
    "Why?" I manage to squeak. He answers quickly.
    "You mustn’t take over now dearest. You will find out soon that life is not always as beautiful as this dream was."
          Then as soon as he finished the forest soon became frightening. The trees didn't bend over telling secrets or stories, no instead they leaned angrily towards me and the willows branches started whipping around in the now furious wind. The man leaned in as close as he dared to me and flashed a yellowed smile at me. I grimaced at how close he was. Before I had time to react he whipped out a small blade and held it to my throat. The ice cold metal touched my skin.
          I woke up. I was sweating and panting so much I may have just gotten done running a mile. My throat felt very dry, as if it was sandpaper. I felt as cold as ice and could still feel the blade on my neck. It was just a dream, I told myself over and over again. Then remembering the blade my hand automatically went up to my neck. At first I thought that I had imagined the cool liquid on my neck but then I went into my bathroom and saw the scarlet line of blood on my neck. I must have scratched myself. Maybe, I tell myself, I am still asleep. I pinch myself to make sure. Nope, definitely awake. This is almost too creepy. I decided that after that horrible dream that I will not be able to go back to bed. Instead I head to the girls dorm kitchen to find something to cure my sandpaper like throat.

Hope you enjoyed!

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