Sunday, May 22, 2011

NO MORE!........

Sometimes, you just need to cry
 it out when you can't fly away on broken wings.
ARG! I cannot take my dads girlfriend anymore! She keeps blaming everything on me! "You should of made them do this" "It's your fault that this wasn't done on time" and my personal favorite, "You little (fill in the blank)! I don't want you here anymore! You ruin everything!" Yeah, I get this everyday from her. Thank goodness I have a sanctuary, but it still doesn't get me away from her. I can't take it anymore! Not even my friends can help. Why? Because they know nothing. That's right. I fix all their problems, but they don't ever ask me how I am doing at home, or, what they think is my home. Home is where the heart is, and right now, my heart is in a million places! My one friend, with my mom, with the shelter, with my other friend. My mind isn't even set strait and I have finals coming up! I just wish that once, just once, I could have my dream come true. A nice day, where I went to school and everybody was happy and nice. Then I would come home, go to the shelter, relax a little. Next I would come home to a nice pile of books to curl up and read. Finally I would go to sleep (after a nice dinner of homemade mac-n-cheese) and actually sleep. But no. I wake up in the morning to yelling. I go to school to a list of friends problems and a ton of homework. I go home after school and go to the shelter and work some more, listen to more yelling (from cats and people) get home, and try to get my homework done. Then by the time I should be sleeping, I am still doing homework or just sitting awake, looking out my window. As much as I try, nothing works. SO what do I do? Just look up at those stars so far away in the sky, sigh, and take it one ticking minute at a time..... tick, tick, tick.....

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