Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Dealing with your own problems may seem tough. But, then again, when it comes to your friends problems, it's a nightmare. Let me tell you about a problem one of my friends has at the moment. (names are changed to first initial)

OK, so one day, my friend K comes up to me and tells me that she got kicked out of her mom's house (mind you, she is only 15 years old) and had to go to our friend S's house. She started to cry and I gave her a hug. Then we told the rest of our friends. (Sa, Ky, L, and A) Ky, said that K could sleep over at her house and lay low for a little bit. So, K did. That night I called S becasuse K's mom had just been at my house asking for K. I told S that I played dumb and she told me that the police called her house and she told them that K was over at a friend named Ky's house. She said she didn't know where they lived, or the phone number, but I told S that K's mom had Ky's phone number. So I called Ky and she said that her parents were going to call the police and have K talk with them. I got really mad at her because she said she was going to help K, not turn her back to where she need not be! So I called S again and we divised a plan. It didn't work out though. So Sa and Ky took K to the councler the next day and told her everything. That night, K got a call from her social worker and K's mom said that everything was OK. K wanted to die right then and there, and so did I. So now, me, Ky, Sa, S and A are all trying to get K out of her house. She cannot live there anymore. So far, we havn't made much progress, but we have a plan, and I know it is going to work.

Ok, so thats all that happend so far. I hope we can get K out of her house. Like I said, She need not be there anymore! So, this is what I am going to do, and what I am going to tell my friends to do:

Look up at the sky, sigh, and take this problem one small step at a time........

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